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For older colon cancer survivors, colonoscopies carry risks: study

After age 75, recurrences of colon cancer are rare and the risks of repeated colonoscopies may outweigh the benefits, according to new research.... [via Reuters]

Stool test spots most colon cancers: study

An at-home test that reacts to blood in a person's stool can identify most colon cancers, according to a fresh look at some previous studies.... [via Reuters]

Smoking to kill 5.6 million US kids if not stubbed out: report

Another 5.6 million American children may die prematurely unless smoking rates fall in the United States, according to a report by the U.S.... [via Reuters]

How Gut Bacteria May Contribute to Colon Cancer | TIME.com

Add one more to the list of tumor-causing bad guys in the colon.... [via TIME]

Eating nuts tied to fewer cancer, heart disease deaths

People who eat a diet rich in nuts, including peanuts, are less likely to die from heart disease or cancer, new research suggests.... [via Reuters]

Regular doc visits tied to fewer colon cancers, deaths

Older Americans who visit their doctors regularly are less likely to develop or die from colon and rectal cancers, according to a new study.... [via Reuters]

Gut bacteria found in mouth can trigger colorectal cancer, studies find

A type of gut bacteria found in the mouth may ultimately lead to the onset of colorectal cancer by manipulating the bodys immune response, Medical News Today reported.... [via Fox Health]

Mouth bacteria may trigger bowel cancer

Researchers say they have uncovered how bacteria may set off a chain reaction leading to bowel cancer.... [via BBC]

Long-term aspirin use tied to lower colon cancer risk

Low-dose aspirin, even if not taken daily, may reduce a woman's risk of colon cancer over the long term, according to a new study that did not find the same effect for other types of cancer.... [via Fox Health]

Advanced Cancers Destined to Recur After Treatment With Single Drugs

Targeted cancer cell therapies using man-made proteins dramatically shrink many tumors in the first few months of treatment, but new research from Johns Hopkins scientists finds why the cells all too ... [via John Hopkins]

Red meat tied to worse colon cancer outcomes: study

People who report eating the most red and processed meat before being diagnosed with colon cancer are more likely to die during the next eight years, according to a new study.... [via Reuters]

Temple/Fox Chase Researcher Shows Link Between Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, and Colon Cancer Recurrence and Survival

By all accounts, a combination of colon cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure can be a recipe for medical disaster.... [via Fox Chase Cancer Center]

Given Imaging Study May Help Approval: Israel Overnight

Results from Given Imaging Ltd. s latest clinical study of a pill-sized camera used to identify colon cancer probably will help the Israeli manufacturer secure U.S.... [via Bloomberg]

Coming clean about my first colonoscopy

In my 20s, after my doctor performed a laparoscopy to examine my uterus and ovaries, he gave me a videotape of the procedure. I dubbed it "Madame Ovary," threw a party and screened it for my friends.... [via CNN]

Featured Colon & GI Cancers Articles

Aspirin and Colon Cancer Prevention: New research suggests answer may be related to genetics 
 Colorectal cancer is common in the USA and is the 2nd leading cause of cancer related deaths in . The disease is curable if treated early. The link between aspirin and colon cancer is well known Howev... [more]

Laparoscopic colorectal surgery for cancer: Is it ready for prime time? 
 Laparoscopy, with small incisions and quick recovery, has revolutionized abdominal surgical. Although mostly applied to patients with benign disease, minimally invasive surgery is now being used in p... [more]

Protein levels indicate risk of death in some colorectal cancer patients 
  BOSTON--A pair of proteins may help explain why people with surgically removed colorectal cancer and who are overweight, physically inactive, and follow a Western-pattern diet may have an increased ... [more]

Colorectal Cancer Screening: Questions and Answers 
 Information courtesy National Cancer Institute (NCI) Source: www.cancer.gov

What is colorectal cancer?
Colorectal cancer is a disease in which cells in the colon or rectum become abnormal a
... [more]

Colon Cancer: Experts Debunk the Myths 
 ANN ARBOR, Mich-Colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in the United States, and the No. 1 cause of cancer death among non-smokers. More than 150,000 Americans will be diagnosed with... [more]

Colon Cancer Research News: Moderate exercise improves survival rates for colon cancer survivors 
 People who have been treated for colon cancer can substantially reduce the risk that the disease will return and improve their overall chance of survival by engaging in regular exercise, according to ... [more]

Gastrointestinal stromal Tumor (GIST): New oral drug overcomes resistance after failure of standard  
 BOSTON – A new targeted drug demonstrated its ability to control metastatic gastrointestinal stromal tumor, an uncommon and life-threatening form of sarcoma, after the disease had become resistant to ... [more]

Study Finds Cisplatin Less Effective Than Standard Treatment for Patients With Anal Cancer  
 When administered before chemoradiation, the common anti-cancer drug cisplatin neither improved disease-free survival nor reduced the number of colostomies needed when compared to the standard treatme... [more]

Role of Virtual Colonoscopy in Screening for Colorectal Cancer 
 Abstract: Colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer-related death in the United States. Most colorectal cancers begin as benign lesions in the colon called adenomatous polyps. Screenin... [more]

Gleevec Decreases Cancer Recurrence for Patients with Primary Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor 
 GIST is a sarcoma, which is a type of cancer that develops in the cells of the body's connective or supportive tissues... [more]


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