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Celldex vaccine improves long-term brain cancer survival in study

New data from a midstage trial show that Celldex Therapeutics Inc's experimental brain cancer vaccine, combined with standard therapy, continues to improve chances of survival for patients with ... [via Reuters]

NovoCure's cancer therapy effective in late-stage study

n">NovoCure Ltd said its lead cancer therapy improved survival rate in brain cancer patients in combination with Avastin in a late-stage study, sending its shares up 23 percent in extended trading.... [via Reuters]

Are wireless phones linked with brain cancer risk?

Swedes who talked on mobile or cordless phones for more than 25 years had triple the risk of a certain kind of brain cancer compared to those who used wireless phones for less than a year, a new ... [via Reuters]

Cancer-killing stem cells engineered in lab

For a better experience on your device, try our mobile site. Scientists from Harvard Medical School have discovered a way of turning stem cells into killing machines to fight brain cancer.... [via BBC]

Gene therapy boosts chemotherapy tolerance and effectiveness of medications that attack brain cancer

Aug. 8, 2014 Using gene therapy and a cocktail of powerful chemotherapy drugs, researchers at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center have been able to boost the tolerance and effectiveness of ... [via Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center]

Exclusive: Germany permits sale of Northwest Bio brain cancer drug

German health regulators have granted Northwest Biotherapeutics Inc special permission to sell its experimental brain cancer drug, DCVax-L, in the country, even though the small U.S.... [via Reuters]

Panel recommends Northwest Bio brain-cancer trial continue

Northwest Biotherapeutics Inc on Friday said an independent monitoring board had recommended that a late-stage study of its experimental brain-cancer treatment be continued, based on an interim ... [via Reuters]

Brain Tumor Collaboration Led by Duke Receives Team Award

DURHAM, N.C. A team of brain tumor researchers led by Duke Medicine scientists will be presented with the Eighth Annual AACR Team Science Award at the annual meeting of the American Association for ... [via Duke]

Tiny Northwest Biotherapeutics aims to dominate brain cancer

Ten years ago, cash-strapped biotechnology company Northwest Biotherapeutics Inc was down to three employees and one week from closing its doors when a financial backer came forward at the annual JP ... [via Reuters]

Roche May Share Trial Data on Avastin Amid Brain Cancer Conflict

Roche Holding AG and a group of outside investigators may share raw data from conflicting trials of Avastin to help determine whether the $7 billion-a-year treatment really helps patients with deadly ... [via Bloomberg]

Roche May Share Trial Data Amid Brain Cancer Conflict

Roche Holding AG and a group of outside investigators may share raw data from conflicting trials of Avastin to help determine whether the $7 billion-a-year treatment really helps patients with deadly ... [via Bloomberg]

Cancer: 'Tumour monorail' can lead cancers to their doom

For a better experience on your device, try our mobile site.... [via BBC]

Johns Hopkins Researchers Erase Human Brain Tumor Cells in Mice

Working with mice, Johns Hopkins researchers have discovered that weeks of treatment with a repurposed FDA-approved drug halted the growth of and ultimately left no detectable trace of brain tumor ... [via John Hopkins]

Brain cancer vaccine trial begins

The trial is taking place at King's College Hospital, London A trial has begun of a vaccine to treat an aggressive form of brain cancer.... [via BBC]

Agenus brain cancer vaccine shows promise in study

Agenus Inc said more than 90 percent of patients treated with its experimental brain cancer vaccine were alive six months after undergoing surgery to remove the tumors.... [via Reuters]

Featured Brain Cancers Articles

  Researchers at UCLA’s Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center have performed the first complete genomic sequencing of a brain cancer cell line, a discovery that may lead to personalized treatments based ... [more]

Treating Brain Cancers by Targeting Their Metabolic Activity May Provide New Therapeutic Option 
  Inhibiting fatty acid synthesis in brain cancer cells may offer a new option to treat about 50 percent of deadly glioblastomas that are driven by amplified signaling of the epidermal growth factor ... [more]

Glioblastoma: Targeted therapy found to improve survival in patients with recurrent disease 
 The targeted therapy Avastin, alone and in combination with the chemotherapy drug CPT-11, significantly increased response rates, progression-free survival times and survival rates in patients with a ... [more]

Cancer Genetics: Massive cancer gene search finds potential new targets in brain tumors 
 BOSTON-An array of broken, missing, and overactive genes - some implicated for the first time - have been identified in a genetic survey of glioblastoma, the most common and deadly form of adult brain... [more]

St. Jude finds young age may give survival advantage to children with certain brain tumors  
  St Jude Children’s Research Hospital investigators have shown that children under 3 years old who have a brain tumor called diffuse pontine glioma (DPG) appear to have a better outcome than older ... [more]

Researchers Find Mechanism To Target Brain Tumor Cells 
 DURHAM, NC-- Researchers at Duke University Medical Center and the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill are exploiting an "Achilles Heel" of brain tumors that may selectively kill tumor cells ... [more]

Cancer Stem Cells Linked to Radiation Resistance 
 Certain types of brain cancer cells, called cancer stem cells, help brain tumors to buffer themselves against radiation treatment by activating a "repair switch" that enables them to continue to grow ... [more]


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