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The CancerNews Original ACS provides a quick and easy way for you to provide award winning cancernews content to your web-site. Original ACS mode requires no login and very little setup to use content with the cancernews "look-and-feel".

inline Original ACS Example

The CancerNews CoBranded ACS allows greater customization of the look and feel of the delivered content. The content can be branded with your choice of color palette, company name or logo, and the sponsorship options of your web-site. CoBranding does require signing up for a cobranding user account through the cancernews acs web-site.

Selecting CoBranded ACS will take you to a login screen. If you do not have a login for co branded ACS you may choose the sign-up link at this point. options screen which will allow you to choose options which best serve your needs



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